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New Products!


New products now available at Bert Lighting House! Wireless Follow Focus System Advertisements

Aerial Filming


SkyJib in action 5D ready to fly

EPIC M PACKAGE @ $1600 1. Epic-M Full Camera Package 120FPS on 5k 300FPS on 2k 2. DIT Station – Real Time decoding with RED ROCKET CARD – Flanders Scientific 24″ 2k Broadcast Monitor – Playback for EPIC-M – Real time R3D one-light on Davinci Resolve  



An easy to set up and use stabilizing camera mount. For use in helicopter, car, motorcycle, etc. To be powered by a 28v to 30v battery. Can even be used with the EasyRig for added support and stability.

Hi , An exclusive 3ality Digital 3D hands-on demonstration in singapore ! If you fall under the following category of people (i.e film production personnel, creative professionals, technically inquisitive & adventurous individual, etc…),  join us and experience the fully-featured 3D rig complete with camera set ups, lenses, monitors and real-time 3D processors! Details of Event […]

SSD Modules are now installed in both our RED ONEs, and they now come with 64 GB RED MAGs. No more drop frames, constant swapping of CF cards and long waits while formatting drives on-camera. The RED station offers an eSata port, 2 Firewire 800 ports and a single USB 2.0 port. Call now for […]

Maxx Digital Mobile Rocket for RED – 2k Real time grading/playback with Storm – 8TB Raid Drive for backups – Redmag SSD reader – Flanders Scientific 24″ 2k Grading Monitor Dont shoot RED without it.